KRATOS Insulated Panels are prefabricated insulated structural elements for use in building walls, ceilings, floors and roofs. They are made in a factory and shipped to job sites to replace conventional stud or "stick frame" construction. KRATOS may be called foam-core panels, stress-skin panels, sandwich panels, or structural foam panels. KRATOS are engineered laminated panels with solid foam cores and structural sheathing on each side. The most common types of sheathing or skins materials are oriented strand board (OSB) and plywood. Some manufacturers produce panels with fiber-cement sheathing. 

Skin Material
KRATOS Insulated Panels are typically manufactured of cellulose reinforced cement boards, for inside and outside skins. The material can be taped and finished on the interior surface. The fire-resistive cement board eliminates the need for gypsum drywall. The exterior surface can be painted or coated with a vinyl or synthetic stucco permanent finish. If siding or brick veneer is to be used, oriented strand board (OSB) can be applied on the exterior to accept nailing of siding or brick wall ties.  

KRATOS Insulated Panels can be used for below and above grade applications. They can be used to construct foundation or basement walls, floors spanning up to 16 feet between supports, load-bearing walls up to four stories and roof panels up to 20 foot spans. 

Details and Connections
KRATOS Insulated Panels are fastened together with power-driven screws through the inner and outer skins into either cement board or wood splines. Because of the strength of the panels, no headers are needed over standard size doors and windows.  

KRATOS Insulated Panels are light weight, and panels can be erected by as few as two workers, with minimal equipment. 

Thermal Efficiency
KRATOS Insulated Panels are as energy efficient. Consumers often think that R-value is of primary importance, but effective air sealing is also significant. For the best energy performance, a continuous air barrier and uniform insulation coverage, with as few gaps as possible, are needed. Every air leak and every thermal bridge adds to heating and cooling bills. KRATOS panels are air-tight and fully insulated.  

Buildings constructed with KRATOS Insulated Panels typically will last longer and require less maintenance than other types of panels. Fiber-Cement Board used as skins will not rot, burn, or corrode. It has a higher fire rating and in most residential applications no drywall would be necessary. KRATOS panels will not support black mold growth, and they have a high resistance to moisture absorption. They are rot and vermin resistant, and are not significantly affected by water vapor. 

Fiber-cement panels can have different finished looks, such as a wood grain, stucco, or smooth. With the smooth finish, stucco, vinyl siding, brick or s tone can be installed.


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Features of Using Calcium Silicate (PUF)System:
  • This is completely a dry wall construction system which eliminates wet work as well as reduces construction time of frame.
  • Most of finishing material used (external/internal) are factory finished hi quality materials manufactured under controlled manner.
  • The entire manufacturing process is CAD driven and designed on dedicated software which provides complete output including NC manufacturing code, Drawings and Material BOQ.
  • This system is ideal for high wind zone as well as seismic zone areas as the dead load of entire building is less as compared to RCC.
  • Buildings are significantly lighter as compared to RCC therefore no heavy foundations. This can be fixed over 300mm Plinth grade beams and slab.
  • Design freedom and easy to transport in any remote or hilly areas.
  • Construction speed is much faster and easy to install without requiring heavy equipment’s such as cranes.
  • No wet construction in super structure, system is thermally insulated. It provides excellent insulation value due to cavity concept construction without using insulation.
  • Longer lifespan and easy to maintain.
  • Provide better habitable environment due to insulated constructions. Dismantling possibilities if required.
  • This Light construction is weather proof, Eco friendly and Green building concept. Apart from new constructions it is ideal for extension in existing building.
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